Sparkys Dreams: June 2013

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Dressed silhouette styling design

This is a dress design is very fashionable today. Today, if you go out to walk the clothing stores of the mall in your city you will meet one of them in each window.

They come in different colors, styles and lengths but all share certain characteristics, a black stripe on the sides of the dress to stylize the silhouette.

It is an ideal dress for women with extra kilos, as well as for those who have a wide body shape or have yet to develop a thin waist and marked.
This design of the dresses make you look much thinner and better redial feminine curves.

Is that the black stripes dress have on the sides creates a visual effect somewhat misleading since it appears that the eye is not part of the dress or that it is a shadow, perfectly fulfilling its goal: Make you look slimmer and slender.

It is a dress design that suits all styles of clothing because according to their colors and combinations, can be used to attend an evening party as well, to go on a ride of late.