Sparkys Dreams: 80 Years old fight with a bear and win

Friday, December 13, 2013

80 Years old fight with a bear and win

What could have been a tragedy, turned out to be a story to tell for Yusuf Alchagirov, a Russian of 80 years which encountered a bear in a field of raspberries.

Rather than flee, the elder decided to confront the huge animal to save his life. Alchagirov gave kicks and head movements and he to bear until he managed to desbalancearlo and remove it, reported The Guardian.
But there no man fighter finished the frightening incident because, apparently irritated by the attitude, threw it by a cliff before leaving.
Alchagirov had to be hospitalised with four ribs broken, bites and other wounds, but was discharged a few days later.
"I was lucky. Kill me if I had been a coward", said Alchagirov.
It is unknown if the bear suffered injuries.

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